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My name is Taylor and this in my senior capstone project blog on Environmental conservation that are important to me.dolphin and small whale conservation. Enjoy!


(by Critidoc)

Orca (Killer whale) (by nikon.nutter)

Dwarf Minke Whale (by Wade_Lehmann)

Weddell seal by Vicktrr on Flickr.

Honu Ea | BarryFackler

Australian Sea Lion by Richard Wrightson on Flickr.

"Me and Fernando, we stopped a mile, three-quaters of a mile, from Keiko. We were just looking through binoculars at him. He was in this really pretty little area. Bunch of rocky outcroppings. He was just rolling around in the kelp with his pecs up. Having what seemed to be a real nice time. Relaxing. Whatever goes through their mind, who knows? But it seemed he was very relaxed. We were watching him and I’m on the phone (to Dave Philips, founder of the Free Willy-Keiko Foundation). He looks great! We wanted photos to send back to Lanny and Dave - something to prove it’s not just us saying he looks great, but that this is actually how he looks. He looked fantastic.”
- Colin Baird on the first time he saw Keiko in Norway after his swim from Iceland, in the book “Freeing Keiko”.

A 4-day-old hippopotamus calf pokes its head out of the water at the San Diego Zoo in the United States. This is the mother’s fifth calf and the first one in three years since she gave birth to Adama in 2011. The calf is on exhibit now with its parents Otis and Funani.

Picture: AP Photo/San Diego Zoo, Tammy Spratt (via Pictures of the day: 3 April 2014 - Telegraph)